Responsive Web Design

all our sites are responsive based on the latest technology. viewable in all devices at any standard size. Simple, practical and beautiful. Read more ...
All sites are integrated with a content management system or framework.(Joomla-WP-Zend) You will be able to update your site with no technical knowledge. Help is 24/7. Read more ...

Free Web Hosting

We offer free host for 12 months with all related and necessary softwares & packages. Support is available 24/7 in all related technical issues. Read more ...
Website Design:
Two types of sites we design: 1- Regular for personal projects 2- E-commerce sites, for those of you to start from a simple to average business. Both types shall be designed responsive, of use in all mobile devices with standard measures. Regular sites shall cost from 200 to 400 £ (220 $ to 420 $ - 230 € to 430 €)which is based on the vastness of project, amount of images, articles, expected networking. E-commerce sites are from 800£(820$-850€) to 1200£(1300$-1400€)  based on many factors, like the amount of items to be displayed, networking, seo and etc.
The design shall be based on CMS (web design software:joomla or WordPress [Mangento in the coming future]) or Zend framework with admirable layouts.  We will advise to the best of our judgement to select which cms or framework is appropriate once you initialize us with adequate data.
Logo Design:
The price for logo design is  fixed: 25£(20$-22€). For personal projects, small or medium or large business , logos will be designed based on offered services, psychology of the market and living area. 
Search engine optimization which is necessary for e-commerce sites has a relative price because it is achieved in a relative time. There are two ways to be employed: technically by codes, related software packages and adding a link page to exchange links with other sites during the passage of time(it includes a simple form and links to other sites). The price is depended on the size of your business, force-major of result and a few other factors that will be discussed with you. Also, you may talk directly with Search engine owners to enlist you on top of their engines. 
Web-management, redesign or completion of a site
The term web-management means to add articles, pictures, updating galleries in your site designed by us or others and technical maintenance. Also you may already have a site and would like to change its layout or a half-designed site to be completed.

Do not forget to read our terms & conditions plus privacy policy to have the response of most of your questions. Then contact us to discuss your project (personal or e-commerce). Initialize us with exact and correct data so that we will respond with complete information.

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to discuss your probject with our experts. It had etter to read related articles: privacy policy , terms and conditions & etc to save your time. Free Extensions

Professional Logo Design based on:
Companie's name + Psychology of the market + Offered services. View our logo samples designed for companies and then contact us.
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Your website shall be built from scratch & grounded up. All are websites are unique and original. 

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